What is a Dry Cappuccino and Bone Dry Cappuccino

wet vs dry cappuccino

We all know about cappuccino, but what is a dry cappuccino?

The popularity of coffee is not only limited to, but it also expands into different coffee types like a latte, espresso, and cappuccino. In the same ay Cappuccino also has different varieties like wet cappuccino, dry cappuccino, bone dry cappuccino, and more.

Exactly, the word wet and dry means how much foam is available in cappuccino.

How to Make Cappuccino at Home

Dry Cappuccino

What is Dry Cappuccino

Dry Cappuccino is not quite different compared to traditional Cappuccino. Every Cappuccino has a similar method, and rich espresso shots and a smooth layer of foamed milk. The difference is dry cappuccino contains More foam and less steamed milk.

What is extra dry cappuccino

What exactly means An extra dry cappuccino, is you will get foam and cup of espresso with milk in a splash.

How to make a dry cappuccino

Below are the steps to make delicious dry cappuccino 

The first step is to, Make to shots of espresso in your espresso machine then set aside in a cup.

Then fill the whole milk in the milk pitcher leave a gap of 1/3 to get expand the milk.

Before starting the Start the espresso machine, submerging the tip id the machine steam wand into the milk pitcher. After starting the espresso machine you will see the rise of the foam. Then you can lower the pitcher and wait for the foam to get to the desired appearance

Bone Dry Cappuccino

What is Bone dry Cappuccino? means foamed milk,  espresso shot, and without steamed milk. The 2 ingredients are mixed to get a bone dry cappuccino.

How to make bone dry cappuccino

The first step is to Steam the Milk takes the cup of milk and pour it into the boiler allow it to boil a low heat until it starts forming the bubbles. After forming the bubbles move away from the boiler from heat.

Next Step is to Whip the Milk Once the milk has been boiled then pour it into the whisker and whip it. After forming the foam increase the heat to get more foam. After, forming enough foam put it aside.

Measure the coffee grounds for espresso machine and take 6 ounces of water for every 2 tablespoons of coffee.

Now, brew the coffee grounds in an espresso machine you can go for french press or automatic drip. Once you brew the coffee grounds you are ready for a bone dry cappuccino.

In bone dry cappuccino you don’t need to add any milk, you just need a lot of foam and espresso coffee. Take a mug to fill it with ⅔ of coffee and ⅓ of foam.

What is a Wet Cappuccino

Wet cappuccino is a bit different compared to dry cappuccino. Wet cappuccino has not so much foam but rather more steamed milk.

Conclusion: Cappuccio is a great coffee drink and everybody loves it. Moreover, people want to try different types of cappuccino flavors at the coffee shop or even at home.